World Toilet Day - November 19
By Rick Soto, Editor

-111920) Celebrates toilets and clean sanitation water. Currently, there is 4.2 billion people living with unsafe sanitation. The goal is to achieve global water sanitation by 2030.

Floods and rising sea levels threaten sanitation systems, such as toilets and septic tanks. Floods contaminate drinking water wells or damage toilets spreading waste causing diseases within communities.

Forty percent of the global population do not have soap and water at home. Around 800 children die daily from poor hygiene, or unsafe drinking water. Nearly, 80% of wastewater flows back into our ecosystem without treatment or reuse. By 2050, 5.7 billion people may compete for water, due to its scarcity (one month out of the year without water).

Toilets that capture human waste in a dignified manner, gets stored, emptied by collection service, and reuse helps save water. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions is useful in agriculture, due to its energy production.

Source: UN

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