Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life Residency (Review)

By Rick Soto

Backstreet Boys, Las vegas (Caesars Entertainment/Backstreet Boys)
(LAS VEGAS, 041917) I was invited to attend the Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life concert at Axis held in Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. I was in section 103, fairly close to the stage. We bought $50 t-shirts right after we passed screening, so we wouldn't have to wait in line after the concert. Music started playing at 09:05pm along with all their music video clips until 09:17pm. The opening act was Larger Than Life followed by The One, and Get Down. Then, AJ spoke warming up the crowd talking about 24 years as a group. Nick Carter spoke to the ladies as they cheered. The group sang a 2001 song called Drowning and got close to the crowd. The Backstreet Boys sang in unison at times taking turns singing, as well as, danced as a male pop group. There wasn't extravagant staging relying mostly on their voices. The next song was Quit Playing Games. The Backstreet Boys took a break as photos of their youth were shown and dancers performed before singing Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely in sparkly jackets. AJ said the next song I'll Never Break Your Heart was for all the sexy ladies in the house. The Backstreet Boys sang an accurate concert meaning it represented their CDs and music videos, rather than singing off note. Nick Carter said we were only half-way through the show before singing As Long You Love Me as a group. The Backstreet Boys took another break as the ten TV monitors showed clips of their performances followed by more dancers performing before singing The Call. Howie thanked Planet Hollywood, Axis, and William Morris. AJ sang a song right in my aisle walking down to the stage touching the crowds hands including mine. Next, the Backstreet Boys sang Shape of My Heart pulling a woman onto stage giving her a rose serenading her. Then, sang I Want it That Way with the crowd. There was a cute feminine woman standing in front of me the entire show moving to the music. The Backstreet Boys ended the concert by singing Everybody with confetti showing the crowd at the end.

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