An Academy Tribute to Richard Dick Donner

(BEVERLY HILLS-060717) I am in the Samuel Goldwyn Theater for An Academy Tribute to Richard Donner held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, California. I approached three pretty brunettes for the location of will call who happily informed me. I picked up my tickets and immediately entered security unloading my belongings. The three brunettes were right behind me. I passed security and walked up the stairs meeting the three brunettes. I looked over to my right and noticed a line of photographers in a pit awaiting to take photos of any celebrities. The three brunettes were taking photos with an Oscar statue. The three brunettes ended up having access to the photography area as PR personnel. I walked up the stairs and was given a program guide. I looked at an old Superman poster, schedule, and script before taking my seat. Movie clips began at 7:54pm of Richard Donner's work. The crowd applauded. Cheryl Boon Isaacs spoke about the "genius and legendary director." Cheryl quoted Donnor, "I surrounded myself with geniuses." Everyone stood up and applauded Donner. Kevin Feige president of Marvel Studios, and Geoff Johns president of DC Entertainment spoke about their experiences with Richard Donner. They talked about the script of Superman before showing a clip of the movie as presented in the script I read. Then they spoke about Donner not being materialistic for having one of his vehicles destroyed. Another clip of Superman was shown with Clark Kent acknowledging he was a very good reporter to Louis as she was putting makeup on in her towel. John Savage said Richard Donner is a great artist who takes chances. Lauren Donner spoke about The Omen movie clip before a romance script. Lauren said Dick fought for the underdog as she was starting out as a filmmaker. She said she snuck out with the director who became her husband. Lauren said Dick keeps a happy set with his humor, while directing. She introduced a clip to Ladyhawke. Entertainment lawyer Jeff Cohen spoke about how Donner made his life better by writing a college letter of recommendation for him. Donner ended up paying for Cohen's college tuition. Ke Huy Quan made the crowd laugh by saying he went to USC film school, which he paid himself--not knowing it was an option. A film clip of The Goonies was shown. Carol Kane introduced a clip of Scrooged. Joseph Mazzello said Dick made sets joyful. Jodie Foster reenacted how Dick wanted her to act, which she found helpful. Brian Helgeland spoke about pulling into Dick's parking spot at Warner Brothers bumping into him that got him work. Mel Gibson, and Danny Glover met each other on stage joking around. Mel Gibson said he worked with Donner 6 times, because he was a master storyteller. Gibson said Donner changed people's lives. A clip of Lethal Weapon was shown before Rene Russo appeared on stage for a panel discussion with Richard Dick Donner. Rene Russo complimented Donnor by saying he was charming. Rene Russo said directors make people feel invisible, but he didn't. Richard Donner said everyone can go home--ready for Q&A. Donner said he has been fortunate to make movies. Donnor said he never had to pay any dues, but was lucky. Richard Donner said he got his wife from it all.

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