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The Journal for Innovation Corporation covers innovative conferences / events throughout the nation, and provides news on the following topics:

:: Biotechnology & Nanotechnology
:: Entrepreneurship
:: > Idea to IPO
:: eStrategy
:: > eBusiness, eMarketing, eSecurity
:: Entertainment
:: > Fashion, Film, Music Business
, Pageantry
:: Finance
:: > Angel Investor, Corporate Investment, Private Placement, Stock Options,
:: > Venture Capital
:: Law
:: > Corporate Law, Intellectual Property
:: Management Issues
:: > Alliances, Board of Advisors / Directors, Strategy

We research the latest strategies, ideas, methods and proven case studies from world class industry leaders.


Rick Soto Rick Soto, Principal Analyst & Editor of The Journal for Innovation, has researched various corporations at over 80 conferences / events throughout the nation primarily focused on keynote speakers and industry leading panelists. As a member of the press he worked side-by-side with journalists / reporters from The Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Business 2.0, The Hollywood Reporter, The Daily Variety, Fortune, and CNN, to name a few. Not only has he worked as a member of the press but also as a public relations specialist by writing articles, press releases and networking with established public relations firms such as Weber Shandwick, Schwartz Communications, Brodeur Worldwide, The MWW Group, and Fortune 500 internal / external public relations departments. He also networked with high-profile industry leaders, many of them CEOs, founders, venture capitalists, executives, attorneys, inventors, as well as, other capitalists and innovators. He has secured partnerships with leading global research corporations such as Penton Media, Strategic Research Institute (SRI), World Research Group (WRG), and the Institute for International Research (IIR). This experience and background continues to feed his entrepreneurial drive. Mr. Soto has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree. Rick Soto is listed in Lexington Who's Who, Empire Who's Who, Strathmore Who's Who and International Who's Who.


Rick Soto, BSBA
Principal Analyst & Editor

(if you are receiving outbound phone calls from TJFI, it is not us as we do not make robocalls or prank calls, we are aware of this issue and have contacted law enforcement)

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